and then it burst

January-February 2010 at Prop Theater

A boy is seduced by a girl while digging a hole.
Two businessmen discuss the weather and grisly suicide with equal nonchalance.
A mother and daughter argue over tea while hiding from the sharks outside their door.
A man drifts through life with his heart beating in his hand.

These are the alienated characters of And Then It Burst, a collection of short plays by George McConnell that examine the breakdown of communication in the most extraordinary of circumstances.  Marking Tympanic's first time participating in Curious Theatre Branch's Rhinofest, this evening of shorts was a violent, hysterical, and heartbreaking look at how isolation follows us into the strangest of worlds.

RECOMMENDED - [T]he show surpasses the ten-minute-play festival structure with smart transitions ... [A]t best, they’re beautiful meditations on repetition and power in language and relationships.
— New City Stage