Bastards of Young

October-November 2009 at The Side Project

Assassins. Vultures. Cannibals. These were just a few of the lowly characters featured in Tympanic’s evening of explosive new work. With a colorful cast of killers, misfits, and just about every other offbeat outcast under the sun, these eight world premieres explored the horror, comedy, and humanity found in the most surreal dregs of society. Often twisted, often hilarious, and always armed to the teeth, Bastards Of Young was a night of short plays unlike any other.

Featured plays included:

"The Elf King" by Susan Myburgh
"Folkfire" by Daniel Caffrey & Daniel Pfleegor
"The Great Black Vulture" by Joshua Mikel
"May Is a Special Time of Year" by Rob Matsushita
"Night Vision" by S.L. Daniels
"Northstar Navigation" by Michael Greco
"Personal Apocalypse" by Bob Fisher
"Zachary Zwillinger Eats People" by Lauren D. Yee

RECOMMENDED - Standouts include Matsushita’s ‘May is a Special Time of the Year,’ Fisher’s ‘Personal Apocalypse’ and Mikel’s ‘The Great Black Vulture.’ All three pieces make sharp use of vulnerability, tension and fear.
— New City Stage
[The plays] twine around each other with a beautiful sense of paranoia and lyricism. Myburgh’s taut ‘Elf King’ produces some truly frightening images while also maintaining a strongly poetic edge. Beautifully choreographed by director Chris Acevedo, the piece also features strong performances by Kasia Januszewski, Jonathan Harden, Lyn Scott, and Megan Gotz. Josh Mikel’s ‘The Great Black Vulture’ ends things on a lyrically cannibalistic note, insuring that ‘Bastards Of Young’ becomes a truly visionary night of theatre.
— Chicago Free Press