Letter From the Directors


Turning five is a big deal.  At my fifth birthday party, I was given my first toy gun.  This established a sudden sense of trust between my parents and I, even though no one in their right mind would trust me to know how to use a gun, even a toy one.  But I got the gun nonetheless and it was a good birthday party. I don't really know where I'm going with this, but I do know that our fifth season was my favorite one yet and that both our audiences and the wonderful artists we collaborated with were trusting enough to follow us into some pretty crazy territory.  We always try to bring a sense of realism to the strangest of things, whether it be the murderous, talking scarecrow from Orange Orbs or any of the many ghosts in Deliver Us From Nowhere: Tales From Nebraska.  The actors stretched themselves and took risks to accomplish this, and the directors, designers, and crew all shaped both shows into something great.

Hell, Orange Orbs was a Halloween show at Christmas with incest in it.  And the team was still game enough to scare people.  At Christmas!  The scope and concept alone of Deliver Us could have easily fallen apart and blown up in our faces, but everyone closed their eyes, threw their balls at the wall, and made it a success.  It was an evening that both theatre and Springsteen fans could enjoy and, from what I could tell, did.  This comes from everyone involved not only being great artists, but great people as well.  I really mean that.  I can't think of a better combination than talent and kindness, and every last person we worked with this year had that in spades.

So thanks for coming to our birthday, everyone.  Six may not be as big a milestone as five, but we've gotten some even bigger things on the horizon.  We hope you'll come back next year for more cake.  And guns.

-Dan Caffrey, Artistic Director

Any time I’ve stopped to reflect on this year, I have immediately thought back to our very first season.  It is startling to me how much we’ve grown up as an organization, both commercially and artistically.  It has taken a lot of work from a small group of people – the backbone of our company - but all that hard work would be for naught if it weren’t for the multitudes of artists we’ve been fortunate enough to collaborate with and the audiences who have come back show after show or decided to take a chance with their evening at a tiny blackbox somewhere.

In our fifth season, I believe we put up some damned good theatre.  More than that, though, we have been able to work with so many new and talented people, strengthen relationships with longtime collaborators, and connect with brand new audiences.  It has been a true milestone year, and I am beyond grateful to anyone who continues to take a chance on us, both old and new.

Since that first season, five years ago, a lot has and has not changed, but our family is ever-growing.  We look forward to moving into our sixth season with all those who have joined us so far, and to picking up more along the way.

-Paul E Martinez, Managing Director