All the Pleasures Prove: A Tympanic Short Film


This past summer, Tympanic joined up with Aaron Pagel, Owner of Kentalago Productions, for a very special collaboration.  Encouraged by and under the guidance of Kentalago, the project would mark Tympanic's first official foray into the film medium.  It is Pagel's vision that the film and theatre worlds work more closely with and learn from each other, and he sees Chicago as the perfect environment for such an alignment.  We at Tympanic definitely came away with a better understanding of film in regards to both process and storytelling (be sure to check out our blog for set diaries covering some of the experience!) and are excited for future opportunities to utilize the medium on its own or within our other productions. The 11-minute piece, penned by our own Ted Brengle and starring Brenda Wlazlo and Christopher Waldron, debuted at our Season Eight Premiere Gala.  It is our pleasure to present it now online for your viewing enjoyment!

All The Pleasures Prove