Be Weird in Spirit! Check out our first film!


Check out an Example of What Your Donations Can Do with Tympanic’s First Film, “All the Pleasures Prove”!

Weirden’s from near and far, are you ready for your close up? We want to take a moment to showcase Tympanic’s first foray into the film world, “All the Pleasures Prove,” written by Ted Brengle and made in association with Kentalago Productions. Donate today with our Tympanic Season 8 Pledge Drive: Weird in Spirit and we’ll personally thank you on our website, programs and public soapboxes for years to come! We'll give you some really cool swag, fun stuff to listen to, and even make sure you are personally invited to all our productions and shin digs for our next season!

Haven’t seen what the fuss is about? Check out the film we've been discussing below and know that 100% of your dollar bills are funding future projects and productions, just like this. Don’t you just love when art collaborates and makes weird sweet music and alternate universes? We do, too. Donate today!!


All the Pleasures Prove

Written by Ted Brengle, starring Brenda Scott Wlazlo and Christopher Waldron