Be Weird in Spirit! Pledge Now!



Hi, Friends and Supporters!

My name is Brenda Scott Wlazlo and I have recently become the new Managing Director of Tympanic Theatre Company.  Today, we are launching our Tympanic Season 8 Pledge Drive - Weird in Spirit. This drive is set up with tiers of giving and in return, we are offering several gratitude gifts to show our appreciation for your tax-deductible pledge to our art.

We have been creating, performing and producing in the Chicago community for 8 seasons and have brought such acclaimed works as Brewed, written by Scott T. Barsotti, at Theatre Wit (2013), Sandalwood, by Dan Caffrey, at the side project (2013) and Deliver Us from Nowhere, a play festival inspired by Bruce Springsteen’s album, “Nebraska”, at the Right Brain Project (2012). All of which have been recommended and critically acclaimed, letting us know that there is not only a need but a desire to see our works from audiences and critics alike.

Chicago is our home and we feel unbelievably proud to be an avid part of its cultural arts scene. However, this season, we wanted to branch out and introduce our works and ideas to the audiences beyond the city limits. Because of this desire, we have launched two multi media projects and began partnering with a local film company allowing us to create an ongoing aural theatre podcast series, called “The Bull Crow Project” and to do our first short film, All the Pleasures Prove, in association with Kentalago Film Productions.

Now, you don’t have to be here in person to enjoy Tympanic’s work. You can be “weird in spirit” and listen to Chicago’s best upcoming playwrights and actors as they bring a la carte theatre to your living room. Or, you can see a short film that showcases Chicago and it’s people while spinning a tale that compels you to see something from both sides of the looking glass. We are incredibly proud of these beginning ventures and want to continue to expand them even further in the upcoming seasons.

As with many non-profit storefronts, Tympanic relies on donations and generous gifts for over 50% of it’s operating budget and could not continue to bring our branded “ Best Kind of Weird” without supporters like you. Our friends and fans are without a doubt the only reason we have been able to imagine and play on stages across Chicago for almost a decade.

We hope we can count on you to make a contribution. Any heartfelt gift, big or small is warmly welcomed. And, if you’ve already made a gift to us this year- please accepts our sincerest thanks in helping us continue our passion for creative and fantastical art.

Thank you for reading and in advance for your consideration and we hope to see you at our Season 8 spring production, Today We Escape, a short play festival inspired by Radiohead’s album, “OK Computer”, at the Den Theater.

The Best Kind of Thanks,

Brenda Scott Wlazlo Managing Director Tympanic Theatre Company


Click the image above or here to view our Weird in Spirit pledge video!