Being a Social Creature: Mr. Smith


Bryan Bosque, actor in Tympanic's Social Creatures, took a few moments to speak about his role in the production, and what drew this non-horror fan to a show with ever-present danger!   Tympanic: Who are you in Social Creatures?

Bryan: I play Mr. Smith, who was a young newlywed when the crisis happened that left him and Mrs. Smith struggling for safety instead of enjoying their new life together.

Tympanic: What drew you to the script?

Bryan: The uncertainty in the atmosphere and the ever-present danger were the initial draws to this script for me, but what was even juicier was the use of those elements to heighten the more everyday conflicts at play.

Tympanic: If you could only take one thing with you into an Apocalypse, what would it be?

Bryan: The first (or only?) thing I would grab (or loot) is a good bag. A well-made, easy to carry, roomy bag or backpack that I'd be able to stow away whatever else I might find in my JOURNEY OF SURVIVAL. When the apocalypse comes, I'm throwing a brick though the window of the Chrome store. Then keeping that brick in a bag.

Tympanic: Are you a Horror Fan?/ Got any favorites?

Bryan: I'm not a horror fan. In the off-chance I'm watching a horror movie, I'm watching through my trembling fingers, because my hands are shielding my [expletive] face. I'm hiding behind whatever is at my disposal, whether I'm in a movie theatre, at home, alone or with a crowd of friends. Yeah. I'm that guy. ...BUT if it's French, it maybe makes it sort of silly to me and easier to take, like the movie High Tension.

Tympanic: Why should people see Social Creatures?

Bryan: Come see Social Creatures to be immersed in the conflict. Every seat is up-close and practically in the playing area, as if each audience member is actually there in that abandoned theatre where we've set up camp. Let The Den be warned that this play may make them prime real estate when Things Get Real Bad.



Social Creatures by Jackie Sibblies Drury

Directed by Nathan Robbel

Oct 31 – Nov 16 @ the Den Fri – Sat @ 7:30pm, Sun @ 3pm

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