Being a Social Creature: Mrs. Smith


We had the opportunity to speak with actress Charlotte Long about what drew her to Tympanic's Social Creatures. Read on to find out what excites her about this show and why you shouldn't miss it!

Tympanic: Who are you in Social Creatures?


Charlotte: I play Mrs. Smith, a previously doting newlywed.  The choices (or lack thereof) of her old, sheltered life continue to affect and transform her as she mediates her new apocalyptic life with this group of people.

Tympanic: What drew you to the script?

Charlotte: The first thing I read was Mrs. Smith's video monologue.  It's spaced really beautifully and oddly, almost like a free verse poem.  The way Jackie Sibblies Drury constructs her sentences and uses punctuation gives the actor a lot of insight into the character that's already partially created, while at the same time freeing the actor in a completely innovative way.  She's really interested in the cadence of speech and that eventually led me to take bigger risks with the text.


Tympanic: If you could only take one thing with you into an Apocalypse, what would it be?

Charlotte: As Charlotte, a good hair band.  As Mrs. Smith, a picture of Mr. Smith.

Tympanic: Are you a Horror Fan?/ Got any favorites?

Charlotte: I'm actually terrified of horror in any capacity.  The closest I can get is Twin Peaks (not real legitimate horror, I KNOW), and even then I'm nervous for hours after watching it.

Tympanic: Why should people see Social Creatures?

Charlotte: Social Creatures is the most stunning combination of a "thinking-piece" and just flat out entertaining.  The two facets to the production are almost seamless.  If it was just a bunch of suspense-filled moments, it would still be pretty dang good.  But on top of that, the play gives this insanely fascinating plot that looks at the difference between what we as humans project and who we truly are, the frightening truth of what we so basically desire, and (as corny as it sounds) the foundation of what makes us human.  All this in a zombie play?? Heck. Yes.

Oh, and the actors are perfection in their roles.



Social Creatures by Jackie Sibblies Drury

Directed by Nathan Robbel

Oct 31 – Nov 16 @ the Den Fri – Sat @ 7:30pm, Sun @ 3pm

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