Brawl Ball III: Enchantment Under The Sea


Due to ongoing budget cuts, Ruckus High for Troubled Teens and Tympanic Preparatory Academy will once again, delightedly, be SHARING THEIR PROM! Both administrations are confident that this year's celebration will contain none of the unpleasantness of the last two years—fighting, crying, punch-spiking, heckling, and the liberal distribution of black eyes are STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Students.... PLEASE. BEHAVE YOURSELVES. Let's carouse like civilized ladies and gentlemen. Altercations will go on your permanent record.


(Fat chance, AMIRITE? #YOLO.)

Put on your dad's tux or your hand-me-down prom dress, pin on a boutonniere or slap on a corsage, and grab your date for the prom of your life! The kids from rival high schools Tympanic Preparatory Academy and Ruckus High for Troubled Teens are begrudgingly hosting their third joint prom and they'd LUV for you to attend. Just make sure you pick a side before you arrive: are you a Tympanic Gorgon or a Ruckus Harpy?

The Elizabeth Dane and The Lucky Shiners (Chicago's premiere fight-themed cover band) will serenade you, and the Student DJ Association will keep the tunes bumping (with absolutely no swears). Compete to be the King and Queen of the Brawl Ball in our photo contest, dance your heart out in our dance contest, get a (fake) black-eye, eat treats from MASTERCHEF contestant Elise Mayfield, and avoid the fights that just might break out. Time to kick up your heels and absolutely not misbehave.

This year's theme: ENCHANTMENT UNDER THE SEA! Please note that the student-selected theme, "Kim Kardashian's Butt Broke The Internet," was deemed inappropriate, and the administration was forced to select a more suitable (AND FUN!) theme.


$15 - Virgin Pass. Food, unlimited non-alcoholic drinks, entertainment, and obeying your parents included. $30 - Cool Kid Pass. Food, unlimited adult beverages, a souvenir cup, entertainment, and being a cool kid included. $45 - Cool Couple Pass. AVAILABLE IN ADVANCE ONLY. Includes two Cool Kid passes for two Cool Kids.

Get your tickets here now!

This event supports The Ruckus' upcoming world-premiere of MATAWAN by Dan Caffrey, Tympanic Theatre Company's upcoming season, and your right to have a real good f*cking time, AMIRITE?

So put on your corsage, get into your wing-tip shoes, and come for a night to remember!

You won't know what hit you.

Click the image above or here to check out the Brawl Ball III Trailer!


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