Brewed - A Word From the Artistic Director(s)


As our run of Brewed wraps up, our Artistic Directors would like to say a final word. You only have THREE chances left to see this critically-acclaimed show!  Tickets are almost gone, so get yours now and get them here!


Bloody fights. Cauldrons. Bear traps. I love that shit. They're the things that originally drew me to Brewed. And they all made their way into the final version of the show. Seriously, you can see all of these things onstage, plus some surprises I won’t ruin here. Our design team truly outdid themselves.

When Allison Shoemaker (brilliant AD of The Ruckus for those of you who don't know her), pitched the idea of a co-production to Tympanic, she focused on those things specifically, playing to the horror fan in me, and rightfully so. I'm a sucker for the "cool" factor of a show, and sometimes forget that things like bloody fights, cauldrons, and bear traps aren't substitutes for more traditional–and let's face it, important–things like plot, theme, and character development.

Luckily, Brewed delivers in all those areas too, and in ways that are astoundingly layered and subtle. The great thing about Scott's writing is that it uses the horror genre and morbid spectacle to expose the dirt underneath: The dark side of familial obligation. The numbing effect of tradition. What it means to be someone's sister. That last one can be both beautiful and terrifying.

Anna and her cast did a remarkable, unnerving job of exposing all these things, warts and all. Our design team gave us all the bells and whistles. Everyone, and I mean everyone, stayed up late through a grueling tech week to make it happen. It was work. Hard, hard work. But in paid off.

I've lost count of how many times I've seen Brewed, but it never gets old to me. I still get dopey with pride each time I watch it, not just because I love the end product so much, but because I know how hard everyone worked to get there. Because of how great it was to work with The Ruckus. And did I mention there are bear traps?”

Dan Caffrey,

Artistic Director

Tympanic Theatre Company


"Yeah, what he said”

Allison Shoemaker,

Artistic Director

The Ruckus