Creating a Western: The Costumes of Sandalwood

Meet Sandalwood Costume Designer Brenda Scott:

My name is Brenda Scott, and I recently moved back to Chicago after spending some time in New York where I studied and performed theater and improv. In addition to performing, I designed costumes for a handful of shows. I have always been interested in that aspect of visual storytelling. When it’s done right, I try and make every detail represent a choice and give insight deeper into the subtext of the character.


This is the second Tympanic show I have helped design. The first was back in 2008 with “House of Weird Death” (I got to make intestines out of pantyhose and liquid latex... it was the best) Sandalwood, in particular, spoke to me right away because of its location and setting. After reading the script, I was hooked and immediately asked to be a part of the design team. I wanted to be a part of telling these people’s story.

Sandalwood is a true western with guns and boots and questionable hygiene, Yes. But, more importantly, it’s about struggle, corrupted innocence, self identity vs. self preservation, nature vs. nurture – and after disregarding those lofty humanitarian emotions- it’s about what is left. What is left, when people lose the humanity in themselves, and simply become human?

Check out some of the renderings Brenda created for the show below, and see them in person when Sandalwood opens next week at the side project!

Sandalwood March 27-April 20 Thurs-Sun at the side project

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