Deliver Us From Nowhere: The Beginning


This past Sunday 35 actors, directors, musicians, designers and writes alike gathered at The Right Brain Project to hear all 10 scripts that make up Deliver Us From Nowhereout loud. Yes, it was awesome.

So now that things are officially in full swing weʼd like to announce all of the artists bringing this night to life. Itʼs a long one so get ready...


Kevin Murray, Sergio Soltero, Megan Gotz, Jereme Rhodes, Christopher Waldron, Ellen Girvin, Nelson Rodriquez Rivas, Lindsay Barlag, Annie Perry, Sarah Mayhan, Nate White, Zac Baker-Salmon, Courtney Blomquist, Dennis Frymire, Korri Givens, Jordan Stacey, Christine Vrem-Ydstie, Jared Frenley, Michael Rice, Christopher Smith, Lindsay Stock, Rebecca Loeser


Scott T. Barsotti, Ted Brengle, Justin Gerber, Daniel Caffrey, Drew Caffrey, Mary Laws, Bob Fisher, Randall Colburn, Joshua Mikel, Adam Webster, Chris Bowers


Aaron Henrickson, Amanda Jane Dunne, Kyra Lewandowski, Allison Shoemaker, Brian Ruby, John Ross Wilson, Jamie Bragg, Michael Carnow, Joshua Ellison, Christopher Acevedo


McKenzie Gerber, Jon Patrick Penick, Gwen Tulin, Mike Boren


Brian Berman, Casey Bentley, Charlotte Mae Jusino, Susan Myburgh, Chrissy Weisenburger, Maxwell Shults, Paul E. Martinez, Laura Turner


Phew!  That was a mouthful.

We look forward to creating something truly awesome with such a formidable team.  Be sure to check back as we'll be updating the blog with more insights into the rehearsal process as we countdown to opening night!


DELIVER US FROM NOWHERE: Tales From Nebraska April 26 - May 20 Thurs - Sat, 8pm / Sun, 7pm at the Right Brain Project 4001 N Ravenswood Ave