Deliver Us From Nowhere: TRACK EIGHT


Track Eight:  'Daughters of Necessity,' inspired by 'Open All Night' Our final weekend is coming up!  If you haven't seen Deliver Us yet, click here now because tickets are almost sold out!  Before we wrap things up, let's hear from two more of the production's actors; Christopher Waldron and Nelson Rodrigues Rivas are real-life roommates who play co-workers in the diner of Ted Brengle's 'Daughters of Necessity' (inspired by 'Open All Night'):

What's your name and what are you doing here?

Nelson Rodriguez Rivas:  Hi! I'm Nelson, and as to what I'm doing here, well -- I (very recently) moved to Chicago to try and work on some really interesting theatre like this project right here. I've been psyched about it since I heard Dan [Caffrey, Artistic Director] tell me about it. And thanks to a some great people I got a chance to audition for the show.

Christopher Waldron:  My name is Christopher Waldron and I am playing Johnny in 'Winning Ugly' and the dishwasher in 'Daughters...'  Or is this a metaphoric question?

How did you find yourself being a part of Deliver Us From Nowhere?

NR:  By the graciousness of Dan Caffrey and my director Josh Gelbwaks. It's been a lot of fun guys, thank you for the opportunity!

What about a night inspired by Bruce Springsteen gets you most jazzed?

NR: I think the narratives that are in any Bruce Springsteen song serve as really interesting pieces of theatre in themselves -- but with an album like Nebraska, the mythology of it's formation and the end result, which is this stark, haunting piece of music and atmosphere, is so damn interesting and beautiful that transplanting those feelings you get from the music into a piece of visual theatre will prove to be a unique and wonderful experience. And of course, this is all even better with the addition of some incredibly talented live musicians who have worked with the shows to create a different experience every week.

CW:  This jazzes me because The Boss is an inspiration to me.  He embodies the flame that drives the run down American dream.  He fights and sings for the everyman; the Joe that sits next to you on the way to work, the John that serves you coffe, the Jane that delivers your mail.  And I'm really excited to try and give something back the way that he has given to us.

What about the song 'Open All Night' inspired you? 

NR:  What I found interesting about this song on the album is that it is especially upbeat in relation to the other nine songs on the album. And yet the lyrics and the resulting play and narrative that came from the playwright produced this very isolated and bleak piece of theatre. And I found that struggle between the darkness surrounding the characters and the comedy in the dialogue fun to play around with. And I love the idea of playing one of these archetypical characters that constantly recur through Springsteen songs and albums.

What's one of your favorite Springsteen lyrics?

NR: I'm going to cheat here and give you two, because honestly there are so freakin' [many] amazing ones...

"Sometimes it's like someone took a knife baby / Edgy and dull and cut a six-inch valley / Through the middle of my soul / At night I wake up with the sheets soaking wet / And a freight train running through the middle of my head / Only you can cool my desire, oh I'm on fire..." from my second favorite Springsteen song, 'I'm On Fire'

"You ain't a beauty / but, hey, you're alright / Oh, and that's alright with me" from 'Thunder Road'

CW:  "I check my look in the mirror, wanna change my cloths, my hair, my face" -'Dancing In The Dark'

"You sit around getting older, there's a joker here somewhere and it's on me" -'Dancing In The Dark'

"She has men who give her anything she wants, but they don't see / That what / She / Want / Is me" -'Candy's Room'

In five words or less, why should people come see Deliver Us From Nowhere?


CW: Bringing The Boss to life!


Deliver Us From Nowhere: Tales From Nebraska is currently running through May 20th at The Right Brain Project.  Get your tickets here!