Deliver Us From Nowhere: TRACK FIVE


Track Five: 'The Stray,' inspired by 'Highway Patrolman' Alright, Folks. This just got real. Deliver Us From Nowhere: Tales from Nebraska opens in 48 hours. We've said it before and we'll say it a million more times: We cannot be more grateful to all of the immensely talented people who have given their time, creativity, and passion to this project. Today we get down to business with another of the many wonderfully talented people involved with the show, Allison Shoemaker, director of Scott T. Barsotti's 'The Stray,' inspired by 'Highway Patrolman.' Here's what our dear artistic comrade has to say:

What’s your name and what are you doing here? Allison Shoemaker, and I'm doing some stuff with some people and some flashlights.

How did you find yourself being a part of Deliver Us From Nowhere? I'm the artistic director of The Ruckus, and Tympanic and Ruckus are totally BFFs. More specifically, I've worked with [Tympanic Artistic Director] Dan Caffrey a whole bunch, and he is aware of my fondness for music-related short plays.

What about a night inspired by Bruce Springsteen gets you most jazzed? Any inspiration that comes from another medium gets me jazzed -- art leading to more art is inspiring and creates a fascinating dynamic. I love when writers get the opportunity to tap into something new and make discoveries. Beyond that, the characters that populate the Boss' songs are so dynamic, and seem tailor-made to wander around in a blackbox.

What about the song ‘Highway Patrolman′ inspired you to direct this piece, these characters, this story? Scott's ideas about ghosts and haunting really stuck with me, and capture something at the heart of the song, which is the notion of regret being a palpable force. How many ways can you turn your back? It's about both betrayal and apathy, and how the choices we make, to betray, to ignore, to excuse, can haunt us in both a literal and metaphorical sense.

What’s one of your favorite Springsteen lyrics? “Windows are for cheaters, chimneys for the poor, closets are for hangers, winners use the door. So use it Rosie, that's what it's there for.”

In five words or less, why should people come see Deliver Us From Nowhere? Playwrights, actors, tunes, vests, awesome.


Deliver Us From Nowhere: Tales From Nebraska opens April 26th and runs through May 20th at The Righ Brain Project.  Get your tickets here!