Deliver Us From Nowhere: TRACK TWO


Track Two: 'Resurrecting Beauty,' inspired by 'Atlantic City' The record has skipped a beat over to Track Two.  Today we shoot the shite with playwright and director duo for 'Resurrecting Beauty', inspired by 'Atlantic City.'  Check out the original tune here.

What's your name and what are you doing here?

Adam: Adam Webster, sir. The door was unlocked. Just making sure everything was ok. No -- Don't go in there! [purses lips. nods.] Oh, ok. Yeah, I'll come with you. Do I get a phone call?

Amanda: I, madam, am Amanda Jane Dunne, director of 'Resurrecting Beauty.' Adam is being silly!


What gets you most jazzed about DUFN?  

AW: Well, I love inside acronyms, for one. And, I love "theme" restaurants. And this is like that, except there is less food. But that's ok. I packed a sandwich.

AJD: Honestly, I am not usually a fan of 10-minute play festivals.  I feel that people think it is easier to tell a story in 10 minutes than 60-90 minutes, so they put little effort and rehearsal into the piece.  I think to tell a complete, fully fleshed out story, that is compelling, in 10 minutes is almost IMPOSSIBLE!  So the challenge of making a 10 minute play something well-crafted is what I am am excited for.

What gets you most jazzed about 'Resurrecting Beauty,' specifically?

AJDI thought this script had a lot of creative potential.  I work in the realm of devising mostly,  and wanted to work with a script that lent itself to movement and creative interpretation.  This is a script that we, as a creative team, can make choices about but the audience will have to create their own version of the story as well.  That's exciting theatrical territory!

What's your favorite Boss song?

AW: My boss usually doesn't sing. Well, there was that one Christmas party. Open bar. Karaoke. Inevitable. "Shackled and Drawn." Not sure where she is now. But I'm still watering her old fern. In my new office.

AJD: During this project, Atlantic City.

What about the song 'Atlantic City' inspired you to write this piece?

AW: I have an affinity for anything that is exactly 3m50secs, which is how fast I run the mile. There are two city blocks to a mile, right? That's been my understanding.


Deliver Us From Nowhere: Tales From Nebraska opens April 26th and runs through May 20th at The Righ Brain Project.  Get your tickets here!