Inside Ruby's Mind: Chrissy Weisenburger, Co-Costume Designer


This week, meet one of the women behind the "inspired yet subdued costumes" in Ruby Wilder! There are only TWO WEEKS LEFT to see the show Jack Helbig also calls "brilliantly staged" and "terrifying" in the Chicago Reader.

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What’s your name and what are you doing here?

Chrissy Weisenburger. I am the Co-Costume Designer for the show.


How did you find yourself to being a part of Ruby Wilder?

I've worked these tech rolls in the past for Tympanic and was asked if I would be interested in this one.


What about this play excites you?

I love the creepy parts of the show, the truly honest moments between some of the characters, and the unexpected ending.

What about this play scares you?

The fact that this could be written after a true story. This is a Tympanic show that doesn't involve some supernatural creature. This one has all humans with human emotions and actions. The reality of the show is what I find frightening.

Who is your favorite badass woman?

My mom!  She has been the sole support of my family for years. She is a hard working nurse who goes the extra mile for her patients, especially when her patients are her family! She takes care of us when we are sick, laughs with us when we are happy, and is always there for us when we are in need. I love her with all my heart and hope to have as strong a character as she does when I have my own family one day.

In five words or less, why should people come see Ruby Wilder?

The best kind of weird.