Inside Ruby's Mind: Maxwell Shults, Sound Designer


Due to the fantastic response to the sound and original music in the show, Max has offered this free download of his original soundtrack for Ruby Wilder! Check it out here!


What’s your name and what are you doing here?

Maxwell Shults. I am the sound designer/composer for Ruby Wilder.

How did you find yourself to being a part of Ruby Wilder?

This is the second show I'm doing for Tympanic as a sound designer. After "Deliver Us..." in the spring, no one even had to ask if I wanted to do sound for Ruby; everyone just assumed I'd be willing to do it (which was an appropriate assumption).



What about this play excites you?

My favourite type of sound design is ambient sound-scapes that move and flow, and that's almost all of what I've done. I also get to include a lot of original music that I've composed, which is wonderful, because the only thing I love more than creating sound design for visual art is scoring it. I also love powerful women. Not in a fetishistic or strange way...I've always found that they help me feel empowered, as well. I'm pretty sure I was some kind of warrior woman in a past life.

"Ellie's stuff, in general, has been a big source of inspiration for me, lately. She's amazing."
See more of Ellie's stuff by clicking on this image.

What about this play scares you?

Sean. He's so good at being Ozzie that I find myself actually being afraid of him during rehearsals... Also, fiddles. James keeps asking for fiddles.

Who is your favorite badass woman?

Many of the women of the Whedon-verse (Buffy, Willow, River, Zoey, etc.), along with my mom. She's tiny, but she can totally kick your ass, especially if you mess with me.

I've been researching powerful, amazing women, like Taura Santana.
To learn more about Taura Santana click the image above.


In five words or less, why should people come see Ruby Wilder?

It will destroy your brain.

To read more about Max and purchase his music, visit and

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