Interview with author of "Poe Story"

Our 8th installment of Read'N'Hump'N'Show'N'Tell is this Wednesday, Jan 15th at 7:30pm!
We chatted a little bit with Brockett Vola, the playwright of "Poe Story" about what inspired him to create this piece.


Q:      What inspired you to begin writing this piece?

 BV: Edgar Allan Poe has always been one of my favorite writers. In 2008, I was given an assignment to write a full-length based on a historical figure, and to avoid further Abraham Lincoln fictions, I focused on my interest in Poe. From there, interest in his mysterious death and strange life-long passions formed the basis of the play.

Q:     Why did you choose to tell Poe's story? 

 BV: From a very early age, he’s been such a strong presence in the writing and pop culture I’ve come to enjoy growing up. I don’t like doing research, but Poe was a figure I always took extra time to read about whenever he crossed my path. He has had such a powerful hold on literature, his works, his life, his influence, they all continue to grow. Like Mark Twain and H.P. Lovecraft, he’s become an icon in his genre.

Q:      What new information or insight do you want the audience to walk away with? 

 BV: Oh boy. I suppose I want an audience to see the how tragic Poe is in the context of his own dark musings. Poe is known for twisted works, but he was a very charming and romantic man. I wanted to explore how using his own dark tones against him would affect Poe. In the end, I hope the audience will appreciate that Poe was not a man made of darkness.

Q:      Who do you think is the audience for this piece?

 BV: Fans of Poe or darker theatrical works, audiences who enjoy spectacle and strong thematic elements. Possibly serial killers.

And now, let us introduce... the cast!
Edgar Allan Poe - Jereme Rhodes
Mary O - Laura Stephenson
Dr. John J. Moran - Ben Kirberger
Gray - Riley McIlveen
Stage Directions - Christopher Waldron
Hope to see you there!
Poe Story by Brockett Vola, Directed by Joshua Ellison
Wed Jan 15th, 7:30pm
Lincoln Loft, 3036 N Lincoln
**Lincoln Loft has a bar that accepts donations. Please bring some cash and drink on the cheap with us!