Meet the Cast - Meredith


Time once again to get a little cozier with one of Brewed's leading ladies.  This week, we talk to Meredith Rae Lyons: ————————————————————————————————————————————————————–

What’s your name, and what on EARTH are you doing here? My name is Meredith Rae Lyons and I am here to make Nanette the most awesome of all of the Brewed sisters. (That's right, you heard me.)

How did you come to be involved in Brewed? I got an email from Anna who got my email from Kerstin Brookmann who is another director Anna knows and who also boxes with me.  Anyway, the email said something like, "we're doing this crazy play, come audition if you like it" but it was longer and sounded more professional.  And there was fighting in the play and it was all intense so it was good.  So I auditioned and I guess they liked me because they called me back and then I got cast and I was excited about it. 

What about this play excites you? I like when I get to act and fight at the same time.  And the BLOOD!  The last few times I've been in a show that promised blood it's been cut at the last minute.  Such a tease!  So I am waaaaaaay excited for all the blood.

What about this play scares you? Hm.  Well.... there's that one part.... no, I'm good.  Not scared of nuthin'.

If your character was a professional wrestler or fighter, what would her signature move be? Nanette would OBVIOUSLY knock her opponents down with a spinning hook kick to the head (after some distracting elbows and kidney punches) and then if they were still conscious; ground and pound, baby.

In five words or less, why should people come see Brewed? Hot talented actor-girls. Fighting. Blood.  (Yes, actor-girls is one word.  It's a hyphenate.  It totally counts.)




Brewed runs Thurs-Sun through March 24 at Theater Wit, so don't miss it!  You can get your tickets here, and see what the critics have to say below!

RECOMMENDED:  "[A] refreshing take on the typical family drama and an interesting spin on the fantasy genre."  -Newcity Stage

RECOMMENDED:  "[W]ickedly staged fight scenes ... a joy to watch."  -Splash Magazines

"[Playwright] Barsotti has a first-rate director on his side in Anna C. Bahow ... Dana Black and Erin Myers are both giving the performances of their lives..."  -Chicago Tribune