Meet the Playwright - Scott


Today we talk to the man behind the story of Brewed, Scott T. Barsotti.  Check out what Scott has to say below and then get your tickets here!  You only have 2 more weekends to see this critically acclaimed co-production! FOUR STARS: "[A] dark and gritty take on gender roles, fairy tales and family drama...  [T]he emotional struggle is just as vicious as the physical violence."  -TimeOut Chicago

RECOMMENDED:  "[W]ickedly staged fight scenes … a joy to watch."  -Splash Magazines

RECOMMENDED:  "[C]asts a little spell all its own."


What’s your name, and what on EARTH are you doing here? I'm Scott Barsotti and I wrote this fuckin' thing.  I don't know if that answers your question...

How did you find yourself writing this piece? I started writing BREWED when I was in grad school.  I read the play "Footfalls" by Samuel Beckett, and it got this idea of circular repetition and ritual in my head.  May's mother asks/observes, "Will you never have done...revolving it all?"  This was the kernel that started things going but then it grew and grew into much more of a family drama, and it became about their relationships, their history, their sacrifice...the ritual became what they do, not who they are.  It's their obligation, not their identity.  That was an important shift!  Years passed, did some readings, some workshops (a couple with Anna), and back in 2010 is when the very first conversations began with Allison, Dan, and Chris, and everything came together a few years later.  And here we are.

What about this play excites you? Like with any play I write, the most exciting time for me is rehearsal, especially early rehearsals, when the actors are discovering things and relating to each other in character.  It's awesome every time, but especially with BREWED since it's a family we're dealing with, that work went even deeper than usual.  There's just so much history and subtext here, a lot of which is in the script, but a lot of which came right out of the actors' and Anna's imaginations.  It's a great feeling. What about this play scares you? Everything about it scares me.  I've watched probably 12 runs of this production and it still makes me tense.  It's in a heightened world but in my opinion it's very honest, and the emotional and moral truths in it are really frightening to me.  A lot of the core issues these seven women work through are very real problems that very real families have, and in most cases, there's no clear-cut right thing to do.

If your character was a professional wrestler or fighter, what would his signature move be? The Bulldog!

In five words or less, why should people come see Brewed? Ferocious ladies, bloody and mean.


Brewed March 2 - 24 at Theater Wit Thurs-Sat, 8pm / Sun, 7pm