Meet the Stage Manager - Holly McCauley


Our final blogpost for Brewed goes behind the scenes (and up to the booth) to speak with the lady who serves as the glue that holds it all together, Holly McCauley. Remember, this is your LAST WEEKEND to see this critically-acclaimed show!  Tickets are going fast, so get yours now and get them here!


What’s your name, and what on EARTH are you doing here?

I'm Holly McCauley, and I'm riding the train to work. But I'm also stage managing Brewed.

How did you come to be involved with Brewed?

I'm really an actor who's let myself get sidetracked, and about six months ago I put my foot down and said, "No more stage management." And then Dan Caffrey approached me with this offer. I had already read and loved the script, and there was really no way I could turn it down.



What about this play excites you?

Oh, man. Getting to work with the playwright. I've never done that before, nor had I worked with Scott or Anna. I wondered if there was going to be any awkward power struggle or creative differences, but they really worked beautifully together. At all times they respected each other and each other's roles.

How long can this list be? I really love what the actors have done with the roles, what Casey Bentley the Prop Fairy has done with clay and hot glue and metal and a key, the subtle and not-so-subtle aspects of Max's sound design, getting paid to see this show, getting to play with blood (can I take this opportunity to plug Blood Jam? Because that stuff has made my life so easy).

What about this play is challenging?

This is without a doubt the most involved stage management I've done, so I think the most challenging part is juggling all the SM responsibilities when what I really want to do is drink my tea and watch every moment of rehearsal.

What's your favorite design moment/element of the show?

I hate picking favorites, but different things stand out to me each night. I haven't yet mentioned what great work Rick and Vic did with the fights, so that should be noted.

In five words or less, why should people come see Brewed?

It's absolutely incredible.