Next Reading: 'Galactic Orphans' by Megan Tabaque


Our SEVENTH installment of Read’n’Hump’n’Show’n’Tell is coming! Please come grab a beer and join us as we read and discuss:

GALACTC ORPHANS by Megan Tabaque

At Black Rock Pub and Kitchen’s back room

on Wednesday, August 14th

at 7:30pm

Playwright - Megan Tabaque
Director - Anna Bahow


Cast: TED - Ryan Cleary RI - Mike Harvey CORY - Charlotte Mae Ellison CATARA - Erin Myers Stage Directions- Ali Delianides


The Play:
Three weeks before it's stateside release date, two gamer bros and kid sister get their hands on the third installment of the hottest FPS series around: Archangel. But there's one catch - this copy's in French. The three teens fight to understand the game whilst simultaneously fighting through the dilemmas of absent parents, overtime shifts at Applebee's, diets way too high in caffeine, and misplaced desires to lose their virginity.


The Playwright:
Megan Tabaque is an actor and sometimes-playwright from central Florida with a BA in Theatre and Literature from Florida State University. Her writing has been featured and developed by InFusion Theatre Company, 20% Theatre Company, Dramatis Personae, Mortar Theatre, and the playwrights collective, Courier 12, of which she is a member. Megan's last acting gig was as an ensemble member of The Waltzing Mechanics' ever popular El Stories at the Greenhouse Theatre Center. In Chicago, she has also performed with The Side Project, Tympanic Theatre Company, InFusion, Red Tape, Stage Left, Genesis Ensemble and Premiere Theatre Co.