The 10th Escape: King Charlie


Twelve songs. Twelve playwrights. Thirteen directors. Four bands. A frankly unconscionable number of actors.

One album.

Introducing the cast & crew of ʺKing Charlieʺ

The tenth of 12 plays in Today We Escape: Plays inspired by Radiohead’s OK Computer!

Bad boy Charlie is gonna sneak out the window tonight to chase his rock and roll dreams ...he just has to get the baby to sleep first.

Inspired by “No Surprises”


Playwright: Brooke Allen
Brooke Allen Recent writing credits include; "Pleasuretown" (WBEZ Podcast Contributing Writer), Sketchbook 2049 (Collaboraction 2014), “The Deer” (Making Productions, London (2014) / The Ruckus, 2014), "The Life and Death of Madam Barker" (Red Tape Theatre, 2013), "Coyote" It Comes In Festival (The Side Project, 2013), “Ruby Wilder” (Tympanic Theatre 2012 / New York International Fringe Festival, 2010 / Not Waiting Productions, 2008 ), “House Work” (Not Waiting Productions, 2007). Brooke has been an Artist In Residence with The Ruckus since 2012, was the 2013 Playwright in Residence at Red Tape Theatre and is the current Resident Playwright with Bailiwick Chicago.
Director: Dennis Frymire
Dennis Frymire has been seen menacing Tympanic in Deliver Us From Nowhere and Verse Chorus Verse. He's a company member with The Ruckus, and a founding member of Broken Road Theatre  Company. He can currently be seen in Pride Film and Plays' Angry Fags, part of the Steppenwolf Garage Repertory.
Sam Fain (Charlie):
Sam Fain traveled a long way to get here and every day he hopes he's one step closer. He's stoked to be working with Tympanic on Today We Escape and is ever grateful for any chance to work, create, and share. "the way to create art is to burn and destroy ordinary concepts and to substitute them with new truths that run down from the top of the head and out of the heart." -C. Bukowski
Elise Spoerlein (Sarah):
Elise Spoerlein is so excited to be working with Tympanic! A graduate of Ball State, she's a company member with both Broken Nose Theatre and Waltzing Mechanics. Her credits include Lyric Opera, Poor Theatre, Artemisia, Strawdog,Factory, Profiles, Knife and Fork, Arc Theatre, the side project, as well as an acting internship at Simon Casting. She is the project leader on Forever Hold Your Peace - a marriage documentary play in development, and has recently finished a playwriting workshop with The New Colony in their inaugural Writers' Room. Much love to her family and Sparky.




*Denotes Tympanic Artistic Associate



March 13 – Aptil 4 @ the Den Fri – Sat @ 7:30pm, Sun @ 3pm

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