The 2nd Escape: Terry


Twelve songs. Twelve playwrights. Thirteen directors. Four bands. A frankly unconscionable number of actors.

One album.

Introducing the cast & crew of ʺTerryʺ 

The second of 12 plays in Today We Escape: Plays inspired by Radiohead’s OK Computer!

An aging session guitarist tries to record a riff as his past haunts him.

Inspired by "Paranoid Android"

Playwright: Randall Colburn:

Randall Colburn* (Playwright) has seen his plays produced and developed with Writers' Theatre, Playwright's Horizons, The Araca Group, the Public Theatre, the Alliance Theatre, Tympanic Theatre, Infusion Theatre, the Mammals, and the Right Brain Project. He's also writes for Consequence of Sound, The Onion A.V. Club, and storytelling series such as 2nd Story, the Paper Machete, and Mortified.
Director: Allison Shoemaker:

Allison Shoemaker* originally hails from the fleshy non-thumb side of Michigan. She's a writer and theatre director, an ensemble member with The Ruckus and the side project, and an artistic associate with Tympanic Theatre. She also writes about drag a lot, curates the [REDACTED] series at Black Rock, and pens the occasional poem for publications such as Contrary, 42Opus, and The Pedestal. Whenever she can, she sings really loudly for The Lucky Shiners, Chicago's premiere fight-themed cover band.

Jon Patrick Penick (Terry):

Past companies worked for include Tympanic, The Ruckus, 20% Theatre Company, Idle Muse, and Mortar Theatre. Jon can also be seen with his Chicago rock band The Elizabeth Dane! Enjoy the show folks! #505

Catherine Bullard (Voice): 

Actor. Executive Director of The Ruckus. Radiohead Lover Since 2000.


*Denotes Tympanic Artistic Associate



March 13 – Aptil 4 @ the Den Fri – Sat @ 7:30pm, Sun @ 3pm

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