The Bull Crow Project: Episode One


Theatre for your ears...

Tympanic is now delivering theatre to wherever you happen to be!  Introducing The Bull Crow Project, a brand new podcast showcasing performances of completely original theatrical works by some of our favorite playwrights.  Every episode will feature a different piece by a different author, each tied together by a common theme.  Bitchin.  This season's theme:


So throw in some headphones, sit back, relax, and enjoy some theatre!


Episode One: A Bad Idea

Written by Wren Graves Performed by Charlotte Mae Ellison 

When an insomniac doesn't sleep for days at a time, her waking life begins resembling a dream.

The Bull Crow Project - Episode One: A Bad Idea

**The Bull Crow Project is created by Tympanic company members Joshua Ellison & Maxwell Shults**