The Sound Design for Social Creatures


We were so happy to sit down with Maxwell Shults, the Sound Designer for Tympanic's upcoming suspense thriller, Social Creatures. Please read on to hear his thoughts about the show and his take on sounds behind a "horror flick." Tympanic: You are Tympanic's Resident Sound Designer and Composer. How long have you been Designing and what brought you to it?

Maxwell: I've been making music (in a competent way) for about 14 years, which stemmed from a love of sound in general. I've been doing sound design for various media since 2009.

Tympanic: What Drew you to Design for Social Creatures?

Maxwell: Dan Caffrey asked me to do it! Haha. In all seriousness, other than a general description of a play, I don't usually know what I'm working on until right before the first rehearsal I attend, because I wait to read the script so I can dive into it headfirst.

Tympanic: You Also composed the original music for the trailer. What inspired you?

Maxwell: The trailer was sort of similar in tone to the Ruby Wilder trailer we did two years ago, so I approached it with a similar intent to build tension. But the Ruby music explodes after the cut to black, whereas this trailer's music dies down to a sustained tone. I didn't really want to allow the tension to release, I wanted to keep it unsettling.
My starting point for the music was the percussion, which was inspired by the incredible score for True Detective (my wife and I watched all 8 episodes in less than 36 hours at the beginning of the week). I also supplied the ultra-creepy breathing that runs throughout the trailer.

Tympanic: Are you a Horror Fan? Do you have a favorite Flick?

Maxwell: I am! I'm not big on gore (unless it's comical), so I prefer atmospheric and "spooky" horror films, for the most part. I like things with a sense of foreboding and unease.
I'm a huge John Carptenter fan, but I think my favorite horror movies right now are Ti West's "House Of The Devil", which is amazing and terrifying, and "Terrorvision", which is possibly the cheesiest 80s "horror" movie I have ever seen (and I've watched it three times).

Tympanic: Why should people see Social Creatures?




Social Creatures by Jackie Sibblies Drury

Directed by Nathan Robbel

Oct 31 – Nov 16 @ the Den Fri – Sat @ 7:30pm, Sun @ 3pm

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