Tympanic Announces Its Seventh Season!


One of Us.

With its seventh season, Tympanic introduces you to two outcasts striving to be a part of society in very different ways.  A woman with a rare genetic condition joins a freak show under the false pretense of romance.  A young man blazes a trail of blood and destruction across the American West, believing it's the only way to become truly human.  The tragic, yet touching characters in this season's exciting lineup of shows explore the lengths people are willing to go to become 'one of us,' and if it truly is worth it in the end.


The True History of the Tragic Life and Triumphant Death of Julia Pastrana, the Ugliest Woman in the World

by Shaun Prendergast Sept 26 - Oct 19 @ Berger Park Coach House

In life, Julia Pastrana was afflicted with hypertrichosis, a rare genetic condition that causes hair to grow over the entire body.  She joined the ranks of her abusive husband's freak show, becoming famous throughout the world as 'The Ape Woman.'  In death, people realized she was so much more than that—a Mexican woman who spoke three languages; an exceptional dancer who yearned to be a mother.  Shaun Prendergast's Midwestern premiere explores both sides of her story in a surreal, fractured fashion similar to The Elephant Man.  Performed in total darkness, The True History... challenges audiences to build their own perception of Julia Pastrana, and imagine the horror of her experience themselves.



by Dan Caffrey directed by Aaron Henrickson April 2014 @ the side project

When a young man blazes a trail of blood and destruction throughout the American West, his father embarks on a quest to stop him.  But as he makes his way through the ghost towns his son has visited, he questions how evil the boy's intentions truly are, and if his terrible acts are somehow bringing him closer to humanity.  Exploring the genetic inheritance of sin and violence, this true Western with elements of the fantastical is being produced in collaboration with the side project.