Tympanic Announces Season Eight!



This season, Tympanic dares you to join us in exploring several dystopias.  Hole up in a theater with seven strangers while the world outside gets ravaged.  Enter a sterilized future inspired by one of the most haunting—and touching—albums ever recorded.  Filled with subterranean aliens, paranoid androids, and a horrific force more terrifying than any zombie outbreak, our eighth year begins at the same place as so many other great unsettling stories:  the end of the world.












Social Creatures

by Jackie Sibblies Drury Oct 31 - Nov 16 @ the Den

Barricaded inside a theater, seven people desperately try to survive while the outside world falls apart.  But the unnamed danger might come from a place that's scarier than any zombie or horror film. With tempers high and resources dwindling, these survivors are forced to confront a force within themselves that may have led to our end-times.












Today We Escape

Plays Inspired By OK Computer March 13 - April 4 @ the Den

A companion piece to Tympanic's critically-acclaimed play festival, Deliver Us From Nowhere—itself drawn from Bruce Springsteen's NebraskaToday We Escape pairs twelve Chicago playwrights and directors to create an evening of theatre inspired by Radiohead's experimental album, OK Computer.  Each writer will use a song on the record as the springboard for a short play before an ensemble of musicians composes original music based on the plays themselves.  Like Deliver Us...Today We Escape is a meditation on how art reflects art; a live album in the most unique sense of the word, and a celebration of music that is at times detached, yet strangely comforting.