Tympanic Invites You to Brawl Ball 2014!


Put on your dad's tux or your hand-me-down prom dress, pin on a boutonniere or slap on a corsage, and grab your date for the prom of your life! The kids from rival high schools Tympanic Preparatory Academy and Ruckus High for Troubled Teens are begrudgingly hosting a joint prom and they'd LUV for you to attend. Just make sure you pick a side before you arrive: are you a Tympanic Gorgon or a Ruckus Harpy? The Tabletop Joes (Tom Waits covers) and The Lucky Shiners (fight-themed tunes) will serenade you throughout the evening. Compete to be the King and Queen of theBrawl Ball in our photo contest, dance your heart out in our dance contest, send someone a carnation,  mingle politely with your fellow students, and avoid the fights that just might break out. Ruckus headmistress Julie Cowden will police.... er, host the festivities. Time to kick up your heels and absolutely not misbehave.

This year's theme: GET YOUR KICKS ON ROUTE 66! Please note that the student-selected theme, "Miley's Tongue-Waggle," was deemed inappropriate, and Tympanic Prep's student-body president was forced to select a more suitable (AND FUN!) theme. We support the young lady's decision.

Tickets in advance are $20-$37.50, which includes admission, activity tickets, snacks, and unlimited beer and wine... and you can even snag a 'save-the-earth' cup, which cuts down on waste (and just might get you access to our special totally not spiked punch.) Visit brawlball.bpt.me for more information.  Tickets at the door are $20, CASH ONLY.

Hope to see you there!


Brawl Ball 2014: "Get Your Kicks on Route 66"

Saturday, March 1st, 9pm-1am Dance Connection Chicago, 3117 N Clybourn Ave Tickets available here