Tympanic Season Six Announcement


This season, Tympanic invites you to take the upper hand with two plays featuring femmes at their most fatal.  From a young woman with a painful past set on revenge to a clan of sisters with a family secret and a tendency to solve sibling rivalries with their fists, this lineup of knock-down-drag-out shows is sure to pack a punch.


Ruby Wilder by Brooke Allen directed by James D. Palmer Oct 4 - 28 @ the Teatro Luna Cabaret

A kidnap victim ventures into the dark recesses of her mind to confront her tormentor.  But when she wanders too far, she must not only learn to forgive her captor, but herself as well.  Written by Brooke Allen and directed by Jeff Award-winner James D. Palmer, Ruby Wilder turns the revenge tale on its head in a riveting play that blurs the line between hunter and hunted, right and wrong, storyteller and story.

Brewed by Scott T. Barsotti directed by Anna Bahow March 2 - 24 @ Theatre Wit

In the world of Brewed, the task is stirring a pot… all day, every day. The six sisters don’t share the task as they once did. With Nannette busy racing stock cars and Roxette off doing her own thing, the others are left to shoulder the burden. But Paulette is fed up; Collette is clueless; and Babette, crippled in more ways than one, is volatile.  But why must they do this? When one of the sisters calls everyone together, old venom bubbles up and grievance flares, setting into motion an impossible moral struggle. This play about gatherings, sacrifice, and the dark art of obligation is being presented as a co-production with The Ruckus.


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