Tympanic Theatre Company Presents: THE 24 HOUR SHOW


SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK. Two casts will be given 24 hours to create an engaging, sleep-deprived, and distinctly weird night of theatre.

Our team of directors, actors, designers, and stage managers will work tirelessly as they test the bounds of human endurance and creativity!  It all culminates in the performance of two one-act plays at The Side Project (1439 W Jarvis Ave) on Saturday night!

Both plays will be inspired by a shared theme decided by YOU!  When you place your advanced ticket order on Brown Paper Tickets, you get to vote on the subject matter of the evening's performance!  As if these poor artists haven't suffered enough...

The 24 Hour Show is ONE NIGHT ONLY and as we all know when a lack of sleep is involved, anything can happen!  All proceeds go toward funding Tympanic's SEVENTH season of weird theatre.  You can get tickets and vote on the evening's theme by clicking here!

Sat, July 6, 10:30pm at The Side Project 1439 W Jarvis Ave