Blueberry Toast

Written by Mary Laws
Directed by Michael Carnow
Feb-March 2016 at The Athenaeum

It’s a Sunday morning in a sunny, suburban kitchen. Barb is making breakfast for her husband, Walt. Their children, Jack and Jill, are busy writing a play. When Barb and Walt disagree over a seemingly innocuous piece of blueberry toast, the veneer of their polished existence begins to crack and what's underneath might eat them for breakfast.

FEATURING: Chris Acevedo, Allie Long, Christopher Meister, and Kelly Parker

PRODUCTION TEAM: Erin Altekruse, Eric Turner, Michael Lewis, Claire Sangster, Katie Friedman, Jon Beal, Dan Caffrey, Eric Shoemaker, Rebecca Crystal, Michael Sanow, and Raymond Hutchison

Brilliantly dark, gritty, and infiltrated with massive strokes of Pinter-esque absurdity...a new generation of dark comedy.
— Third Coast Review