deliver us from nowhere

April-May 2012 at The Right Brain Project

In a unique theatrical undertaking, Tympanic paired eleven playwrights with ten Chicago directors to create a piece of theatre inspired by Bruce Springsteen’s legendary album, Nebraska. Each writer used a song on the record as the springboard for a short play before an ensemble of musicians composed original music based on the plays themselves. Deliver Us From Nowhere: Tales From Nebraska was a meditation on how art reflects art; a live album in the most unique sense of the word and a celebration of music that is rustic, eerie, and seething with story.

Featured plays included:
"Man Will Meddle" by Justin Gerber
"Resurrecting Beauty" by Adam Webster
"When You're Dead" by Chris Bower
"Winning Ugly" by Bob Fisher
"The Stray" by Scott T. Barsotti
"Gospel Hour" by Daniel & Drew Caffrey
"The Drive" by Mary Laws
"Daughters of Necessity" by Ted Brengle
"Happy.  Happier Then." by Randall Colburn
"Dead Dogs" by Joshua Mikel

If you’re going to translate rock music to the theater stage, this is the way to do it … Neatly creative on every level.
— Chicago Sun Times
[A]n illuminating and entertaining experience for theater and Springsteen fans alike.
— New City Stage
[W]ell-honed snapshots depicting the terror, grief, despair, and moments of near-redemption that run through the original.
— Chicago Reader