extinction fantasies

Written by Daniel Caffrey
July 2010 at The Side Project

A deadly plague has quietly destroyed the tiny, rural town of Tarker, wiping out nearly the entire population. Amidst the fading coughs and approaching gunfire, several survivors spark up new romances and repair wounded relationships in this pair of fractured love stories that begin at the end of the world.

The playlets generally steer clear of predictable histrionics, and the well-acted, starkly lit production achieves a tone of earnest gravity enhanced by the distant sounds of gunfire and bird cries.
— Chicago Reader
RECOMMENDED - What emerges is a series of intimate moments between people who have nothing else to lose, yet therefore everything to gain... The actors all find plenty of emotional action to play in scenes that are largely conversational, and humor, presumably a necessary ingredient of post-apocalyptic survival, keeps afloat with levity a thoughtful, meandering play.
— New City Stage