ozma and harriet

Written by Daniel Caffrey
Directed by Timothy Bambara
March-April 2010 at The Side Project

Scientist Frank Younger has constructed Ozma, the world's first fully functional android. All goes well until Frank's wife Harriet develops a bond with Ozma, secretly spending her spare time watching television with the android, which becomes his primary learning tool. When tragedy strikes, Ozma finds himself alone, embarking on a TV-fueled quest of sex, death, and revenge in this dark fable for the digital age.

This Tympanic Theatre offering ... was one of the most entertaining and intellectually stimulating nights of theatre that I’ve had in a long time - an example of the caliber of creative work that can be seen with only a minimal budget.
— High Horse Blog
RECOMMENDED - [A refreshing] new play that contains wit, humor, biting satire with zinging commentary about what it is to be human. Christopher Acevedo’s performance as the android, Ozma was excellent ... This is a nicely written and well staged comedy that quickly engages and holds us through it.
— Chicago Critic