Paper City Phoenix

Written by Walt McGough
Directed by Rebecca Willingham
April - May 2016 at The Alley Stage

Brenna's soul mate is missing, but finding him is hard when she can't stop channeling the Internet. Gale tries to help, but she's got her own problems and her printer's out of toner. Both women, an anti-Tech cult, the FBI, and the Internet itself will be involved before it’s over, and the city will never be the same. An explosive comedy that explores how we connect when we're disconnected.

FEATURING: Andrew Bailes, Jamie Bragg, Tom Dacey Carr, Stevie Chaddock, Meredith Ernst, and Nick Mikula

PRODUCTION TEAM: Erin Altekruse, Becky Cagney, Greg Culley, Brian Berman, Jerica Hucke, Sarah Espinoza, Eric Shoemaker, Noah Grossman, Mark Lancaster, Chris Acevedo

Brilliantly dark, gritty, and infiltrated with massive strokes of Pinter-esque absurdity...a new generation of dark comedy.
— Third Coast Review