waiting for godot

BY Samuel Beckett     |    DIRECTED BY Aaron Mays

february 13 - march 12, 2017

Berry United Methodist Church
4754 N. Leavitt Street
Chicago, IL 60625

WAITING FOR GODOT, which first premiered in 1953, marked Beckett's association with the Theatre of the Absurd movement. More than sixty years later, the plays central existential crises are still resonant and incredibly relevant. Reimagining the play through the lens of the U.S. Latinx experience, this all-Latino production of GODOT takes place at the U.S./Mexican border, and tells the tale of two Latino travelers waiting to make their way into the United States, in order to attain the "American Dream." This essential reimagining comes at an extremely resonant time, where fear and ignorance threaten to shape our nation's rhetoric on inclusion and immigration.

Beginning Fall 2016, Tympanic Theatre Company will introduce a Pay-What-You-Can Initiative. We strive to provide affordable, weird theatre to our audiences. Come enjoy our fantastical productions without the barrier of a high ticket price. 


Christopher Acevedo* - Vladimir
Felipe Carrasco - Estragon
Christian Castro - Pozzo
Jordan Arredondo - Lucky
Raymond Hutchison* - Boy

Assistant Director:  Kelsey Chigas*
Stage Manager:  Becky Warner
Production Manager:  Kristin Davis
Set Designer:  Eleanor Kahn
Lighting Designer:  Claire Sangster
Costume Designer:  Emily Swanson
Props Designer:  Holly McCauley*
Technical Director:  Manuel Ortiz
Poster Design:  Josh Mikel*
Marketing Producer: Aaron Pagel*/Kentalago Productions
Casting Director:  Kelly Parker*

*Denotes Tympanic Company Member or Artistic Associate