ruby wilder

Written by Brooke Allen
Directed by James D. Palmer
October 2012 at Teatro Luna

A kidnap victim ventures into the dark recesses of her mind to confront her tormentor.  But when she wanders too far, she must not only learn to forgive her captor, but herself as well.  Written by Brooke Allen and directed by Jeff Award-winner James D. Palmer, Ruby Wilder turned the revenge tale on its head in a riveting play that blurred the line between hunter and hunted, right and wrong, storyteller and story.

Anchored by the compelling performances at the center, it’s a whirlwind with a chill that will be hard to shake as you exit into the brisk autumn darkness.
— Chicago Critic
Every element of James Palmer’s brilliantly staged, terrifying Tympanic Theatre Company production amps up the tension: Dustin Pettegrew’s dark, chaotic set, Maxwell Shults’s horror-show sound design, Chrissy Weisenburger and Charlotte Mae Ellison’s inspired yet subdued costumes. A tight, five-member ensemble play every intense beat as if their lives depended on it.
— Chicago Reader
Twists and turns, time jumps and flashbacks, plastic camouflages, gunshots and slow dancing make ‘Ruby Wilder’ a play well worth the trip...
— Chicago Theatre Review