splintered crosses

August-September 2007 at The Side Project

Splintered Crosses, Tympanic's inaugural show, was a short play cycle exploring both the comic and tragic sides of faith through a bizarre array of new and familiar characters, including Jesus, King Arthur, and The Thundercats.  Sometimes satirical, sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes violent, each piece focused on the lengths people will go (or not go) in the name of God.

Featured plays included: 
"You Don't Say" by Joshua Mikel
"Social Service" by Amy Whittenberger
"What King?" by McKenzie Gerber
"The Thundercats In: Missionary Madness" by Daniel Caffrey
"The Grendel Variations" by Daniel Caffrey
"Morality Play" by Daniel Caffrey
"House of God" by Amy Whittenberger