today we escape

March - April 2015 at The Den

A companion piece to Tympanic's critically-acclaimed 2012 play festival, Deliver Us From Nowhere - itself drawn from Bruce Springsteen's Nebraska - Today We Escape paired twelve Chicago playwrights with thirteen directors to create an evening of theatre inspired by Radiohead's experimental album, OK Computer. Each writer used a song on the record as the springboard for a short play before an ensemble of musicians composed original music based on the plays themselves. Like Deliver Us..., Today We Escape was a meditation on how art reflects art; a live album in the most unique sense of the word, and a celebration of music that is at times detached, yet strangely comforting.

Featured plays included:
"The Great Story of Love and Sacrifice and Lost and Rebirth" by Michael Patrick Thornton
"Terry" by Randall Colburn
"B.E.M." by Ted Brengle
"Choke" by Wren Graves
"Roll" by Joe Zarrow
"There's No Place Like Hoyne" by Natalie DiCristofano
"Last Show" by Justin Gerber
"Back and Forth" by Chris Bower
"Wavelength" by Scott Barsotti
"King Charlie" by Brooke Allen
"Lucky" by Alex Lubischer
"The Iceland of Space"  by Rory Jobst

Recommended! [T]his is a fun evening...for those who love short works...this production is particularly enjoyable and worth seeing.
— New City Stage
Perhaps the highest compliment payable to this collection of artists is that they did Radiohead justice. Today We Escape has an appropriate air of mystery, like a light flickering in the void of space, something to hold your imagination and fix you to your place in the universe. It is no small feat. The only question remains: what’s next?
— Chicago Stage Standard
The strongest plays give off a soulful yet futuristic Twilight Zone vibe that feels sonically aligned with the British rockers.
— Chicago Reader
It’s a very ambitious project that puts the audience through a whirlwind ride of emotions, just like Radiohead’s album...
— Playlist HQ enjoyably varietous evening at the theatre...
— Chicago Theatre Review